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$ 19 Year

Privacy friendly
Military grade encryption
Double storage
Full IMAP support

Privacy friendly Email 🔐

Easy as pie privacy Email provider, with world class support and tons of features. Get Email with strong security, calendars, contacts and more.

Pay per storage quota, not per user and have more features like free Bitwarden.


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$ 19 Year

Priority support
4 GB Storage
Free Bitwarden
+3 more features

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$ 39 Year

Priority support
25 GB Storage
Free Bitwarden
+3 more features

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$ 49 Year

Priority support
50 GB Storage
Free Bitwarden
+3 more features

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$ 59 Lifetime

Email support
5 GB Storage
Bitwarden available as addon
+3 more features


You don't have to sacrifice features and affordability for privacy

Continue where you left from

Never lose your emails. Letter has built in migration tools. You can import all your old emails and continue with a more secure and private Letter mail.

Fast, private and secure

Privacy and security are different things. We focus on both while optimizing performance and reliability. Low latency and high up-time will make your experience better, faster, stronger

It's your home

Your emails are safe and private with Letter. Email with peace as it is your own server with bulletproof safety. Even if the server gets physically destroyed, you will have your mails back. But your deleted emails won't be on the server.


What the world think of our effort to defend privacy rights

MarketWatch Press Release

No one but only you can read your emails hosted on Letter. Along with the security encryption on emails, Sunit has also applied another layer of encryption that makes your emails more secure and protects them against cyberattacks.

Roshni Chakrabarty India Today

26-year-old IIT Guwahati student and serial entrepreneur, Sunit Nandi, developed privacy-oriented email service provider called Letter. This is India’s first such privacy focused email provider.

Sheetal Banchariya Times of India

It ensures connection encryption for mail sending and receiving with TLS 1.3 with 256-bit key strength with either AES-256-GCM or ChaCha20-Poly1305


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