Redesigned Letter

We have redesigned our privacy-friendly enterprise-grade Email service. The goal of our new design is to make it comfortable and fast for our consumers and enterprise customers. We made the sign-up process as easy as just providing your name and email address and paying for the plan. Your account will be ready within a few minutes.

How we made this possible

We have created an easy to browse homepage with plans right on the top of the page. This way new users will be able to sign up for a plan easily. Everything is loaded inline on the page, even the payment option. You do not have to leave the page, everything will be loaded with Ajax. 

No more annoying field inputs

You don’t have to fill up an unnecessarily long form to sign up for a Letter email subscription. You can even sign up anonymously by using crypto currency payment method. Click here to sign up with crypto. Note that only non-enterprise customers can use crypto payment.

Read our privacy policy

Introducing addons for enterprise plan

Now you can add additional add-ons for enterprise subscription. More storage, more security and more helping hands on your will. Existing enterprise customers can also ask for these add-ons. Currently, these optional add-ons are available:

  1. Extra 500GB Enterprise storage – $39/month
  2. Enterprise VPN – $9/user/month
  3. Managed web hosting – $79/month
  4. Chat/Email support agent – $3/hour

Instant support

You can quickly get help, ask for suggestions and chat about anything related right from our Letter homepage. No need to enter your name or anything just ask questions using the live chat widget powered by Telegram. We also have email support at and with this support form.

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