The Universe & Us

The universe is enormous beyond our limited human brain to fully understand the totality of it all. This makes possible so that we as a free conscious soul being learn to merge with the infinity. By surrendering our selves to our infinity which is our soul, only then we can levitate with the infinity and unlock our timeless possibilities. The universe, the platform, the protocol which we can leverage our creativities to the infinity. Having said that, our only duty is to follow our true path (orlog, destiny). We’re here to experience our joy, surfing through every atom and matter of embodiment make up the 3D world (3rd density). Your challenge is to experience your own joy for your self, regardless of any external influences. Your excuses is what make you trapped. When you pursue your soul purpose, you automatically uplift people around you and the world you live in.

Your brain allows and controls your body movement. Every thoughts, emotions, dreams, your imaginations, your creative abilities, psychic abilities… is your soul personality or your spiritual self which is the energy field that always live and can never be destroyed. You can also think of your brain as a film projector which decodes or interprets information into physical reality bound by time and space (five sense reality of your biological body system). Your brain and your biological body is not you, it’s just a vehicle that you drive or a space suit that you wear. You are in control over your own device (your physical body). In other word, you own yourself and nobody else.

You are a free soul, a free conscious being. You are not created by a god that you’ve been told. You are self-created, self-governing, self-amending, self-rule, self-evolving, the all-possibilities you are, a sovereign immortal spiritual being. Do not surrender your freewill, be subservient and controlled. Remember when you leave source (your eternal self) and fall into the concept of time and space right here on earth, you bring a mask and a mirror with you. A mirror is to remind you of who you truly are, so you don’t get lost on this tiny planet.