Human vs Reptilian

Humans and Reptilians co-exist in this physical universe. Yes, our physical universe is known to be 21 trillions years old and it is a holographic projection from the spiritual side. So there is no age to us indeed. There is a group of energy beings who create life forms to evolve independently. Humans are the representation of that energy group. 

Reptilians create life forms to be natural resources and for pleasure. We have two completely different philosophy schools in our universe. The two are at odd with each other. Apparently, we live in such an extreme polarity world. The duality between good and evil. No one knows where the Reptilians come from, even the Reptilian themselves have no clue who their ancestors are.

The original human lives began on Lyra star system. There is no record to be found before Lyra. Human lives appear in full form and live up to thousands of years. The lyrans are agricultural type of people and learn to maintain the environment very well. Because of their natural skill set they never lack anything. They live in abundance. They are very spiritual. They can choose to leave their physicality anytime they want and when they decide to reincarnate in a new physical form, they have full memory of who they were in their last lives.

The Reptilians is known to be from the Draco star system. They are a very different race. They are responsible for the attack on Lyra that sparks the first galactic conflict. They have a different mindset. They do not value or respect life forms and that includes humans. They think that this universe is for them to charge and rule, so they set off with that exact mindset. They are genetic mastercist. They’re tinkering life forms. They are incredible builder and great warrior. They have interstellar space travel technology. They’re very psychic… TO BE CONTINUED