Alignment With Self

When you work on something that you truly love, you stop thinking about how to make money just to survive or how to please the rigid controlled system. It makes no sense that we have to pay for every single thing just to live on the planet we are born into. This whole monetary system is a trap and is holding us back from evolving. I leave you with one quote “a human being who has no passion is already dead and is just sucking up air to survive”. Find your true soul passion and you will be happy and healthy, not only that but you will uplift other soul beings around you as well. This planet is truly a very challenging place to experience but it’s not for no purpose. I believe we serve a significant purpose moving into the future not only for this particular solar system alone but far and wide across the entire universe and beyond. We just have to acknowledge our true potential and be self-responsible moving into the future which is created every nano second in this present moment. Do not lose sight and stray from your original divine intent.